The following article appeared in the June 2008 edition of the Pilgrim Nazarene Herald:

Saturday, April 5, 2008, was a red letter day for the congregation of the Bible Wesleyan Church (PNC) in Whitehouse, Texas, as they dedicated their new church building with the theme “To God be the Glory.” A good crowd had gathered as Pastor Dennis Cable led in a ribbon cutting ceremony, then led the group into the sanctuary. The invocation was led by Rev. George Stevenson, first pastor of the church when the group met in the home of Jackie and Sonia Carpenter in Troup, Texas, twenty years ago this month. After some resounding songs of praise led by Jackie Carpenter, Pastor Cable thanked those who had taken part in the construction of the new building. He also related several miraculous incidents which occurred during the construction of the church facility. Among those was the fact that the 3300 square foot building was completed for approximately $116,000 and with only $2500 debt remaining. A sizable estate gift paid for approximately half of the construction costs, so the sanctuary was named The Myers Chapel in memory of Frank and Teresa Myers, uncle and aunt of Teresa Byers. After an offering, Ronald Johnson then favored the assembly with a medley, “To God Be the Glory/My Tribute.” The dedication message was delivered by Rev. Dale Hayford, General Superintendent of the Pilgrim Nazarene Church. Rev. Hayford then led the dedication ritual with response by the congregation, followed by the dedicatory prayer.
In closing comments, Pastor Cable announced that the treasurer of the church had presented him with a check for the payment of all debt and that the building is debt free!
The benediction was given by Pastor Cable amidst much praise.